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Dicks come in all shapes and sizes. Tell us a little bit about the shape of yours and we'll tell you how you compare. Horizontal curvature refers to any curves to the left or right when looking down at your penis, while vertical curvature is any upward or downward curve. They can also "twist" slightly where the penis is slightly rotated along the length of the shaft.


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What's the average penis shape?

As described above, the shape of dicks can be categorized into Angle of erection, Horizontal and Vertical Curves, and Rotation along the shaft. According to research 56% of dicks angle upwards, 39% stick straight out and 5% angle down. 25% bend to the left, while 69% have no prominent horizontal curve and 6% curve to the right. 41% of dicks curve up, 53% do not have a vertical curve and 6% curve down. 13% of penises also have a rotation along the shaft.


Worried about the shape of your penis?

Dicks come in all shapes and sizes. If you have always had a curvature of your penis then it is likely to be congenital and is absolutely nothing to worry about. However, if you have noticed a change in the curvature of your penis it is possible that this is the result of Peyronie's Disease. The exact cause of this condition is not well understood, but it is thought to be the result of trauma or injury to the penis which causes scar tissue to form and results in the tissue being tighter on one side, causing the penis to bend.


If you find any curvature is making sex or masturbation difficult, causing you pain, or you are concerned that you may have Peyronie's, then you should consider visiting a doctor. However, for the vast majority of men any curvature is not likely to be a problem and may even be beneficial to some sex positions!